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It all starts with the community

You are where you eat

After working in downtown Bellevue for many years, Joseph and Randi Brazen saw the need for a casual, relaxing environment where locals could gather, celebrate, and just simply unwind.

As owners of Brazen Group Properties, their interaction with the Bellevue community often reinforced this fact. It didn’t take long for these two motivated entrepreneurs to start making plans, including picking the location and doing much of the design research during a pub-crawling trip to the UK. Joseph and Randi brought back not only ideas but also many of the artifacts and decorations you see throughout the 520 Bar and Grill.

The name “520″ doesn’t come from the floating bridge, as most think. It’s actually the real estate location code for the area bounded by the 3 freeways; 405, I-90, and 520. There are over 7,000 residents of this area encompassing parts of Bellevue, Medina, and Clyde Hill. It’s a quiet, community-oriented neighborhood in contrast to the fast-paced Bellevue Square and the high-rises that dot the landscape.

Voted Best Bar by the Reader’s of 425 Magazine

The 520 Bar and Grill truly reflects the character of this diverse neighborhood. It’s at once a relaxed, comfortable pub, where weary shoppers can sidle up to the bar and enjoy their favorite beverage, and at the same time a meeting and gathering place for community groups and events. It’s a place to celebrate a special occasion with your friends and family or to dance the night away on a Saturday evening. A quiet, romantic dinner? Absolutely. Girls' night out? Right, this way. A power lunch during which you close the deal? We’ll provide the notary.

The Brazen’s are proud of the community feeling they’ve created with the 520 Bar and Grill, and work hard to give back to the same community that’s so warmly embraced their efforts. If we can help you plan or organize your next event, from a charity auction to a 50th birthday party (and anything in between), please give us a call.

a person standing in front of Joseph Brazen, Randi Brooks posing for the camera



The Owners

The Brazen family opened 520 Bar & Grill as an extension of their home, welcoming guests to enjoy life. For the Brazens, it is about creating a place where it's all about the people, the food and the atmosphere.

a smiling man in a blue shirt


Director of Hospitality

Joseph Brazen is inspired by creating a place for Bellevue to celebrate food, fun, and cocktails in a world-class environment. An iconic bellevue restaurant, 520 is a place where first time guests are welcomed, locals are loyal, and where everyone knows your name.

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Assistant GM

A lover of animals, the outdoors, and everything horses, Taylor’s bubbly presence is hard to forget.  Her  work ethic and welcoming personality combine to keep the pulse of 520 electric and alive.

a large brown dog lying on the grass



Born from a long line of Brazen golden retrievers, Charlie is one of ten female puppies born in one litter in December of 2019. Both playful and curious, Charlie is Joseph’s constant companion in work and play.  Her friendly and fun personality represent the true expression of the 520 brand.